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This is why I love, love, love, love, R5 and R5 TV

Every time I hear Dez say “Aw Austin is Ally’s secret admirer?”  My heart melts. :3

This video killed me. <3  ( 9:46 STOP RESISTING LAURA!!!!! )

The Vacation (Episode 2)

The movie finished quickly as the kissing got less awkward for Austin and Ally.  They were growing a great relationship, the only problem was, nobody knew except for the two lovebirds.  The rest of the time in Hollywood was spent more like a vacation than movie rehearsal, since the movie finished early.  Team Austin would always be together, trying something new, water skiing, going to live performances, and amusement parks, but the subject never really came up about the new couple.  Anytime they got the chance, Austin and Ally snuck off to do something alone, telling Dez and Trish they were going to look for inspiration, (even though Ally’s book was already halfway full of songs about California) when they were really just going on dates.  
Austin and Ally were in a popular Italian restaurant, stained glass lamps, warm candles, and fancy art pieces filled the room.  Auslly were sharing a plate of spaghetti, they both shared a noodle, like people do in movies, but Ally pulled away before their lips touched.  Austin slurped up the rest of the noodle and asked, “What’s wrong?” Ally sighed, “I’m just feeling kind of guilty, we’ve been in California for four months now, and nobody knows we’re dating.  We’re keeping a huge secret from our friends and family… and we’re lying in order to spend more time together.”  Ally looked at him, “I just feel like we need to tell them, I can’t keep this a secret forever, besides, they’ll understand right?”  Austin looked at her and gave a half smile, “Well, I guess you’re right, we have to tell them sometime…. YOLO!”  Ally laughed “Let’s tell them after we eat” She said as she slurped up another noodle.  
Ally called Trish, and Austin called Dez, asking them to meet at Austin’s resort room.  As soon as they arrived, they were greeted with a simple “Why are we here?”  Austin and Ally looked at each other and laughed at each other nervously.  “Well..
since the movie..” Austin paused and gave Ally the look to tell her that it was her turn to talk.  “Austin and I.. have.. been developing a romantic relationship.”  Ally said quickly.  Trish and Dez looked at each other, remembering the kiss they saw Austin and Ally have off stage.  “Whaaaaaaat?”  Trish said awkwardly, “Reeally?” Ally raised an eyebrow, “You already knew?” “Pfft no” Trish said.  Ally glared at her.  “Okay, okay, fine!  We saw you guys kiss three months ago, but we just thought you were ‘practicing’”  “Trish!  Dez!  The guilt has been killing me, why didn’t you ever bring it up?!”  Dez scratched his head, “Trish just told you, we thought you guys were just, ‘Practicing’”  Ally rolled her eyes and looked back at Austin.
Two months later…   Team Austin is still in California, waiting for the world premiere of the movie they starred in.  (World premiere is in one month)

Austin kissed Ally on the cheek and spun her around, laughing while dancing over the famous hollywood walk of stars underneath the sunset.  Dez filmed it for fun, and Trish just sat boredly alone.  Ally laughed, “Austin you’re awesome, you really are.”  

Trish rolled her eyes, “Oh brother” She smirked.  Dez sat next to her, turning off his camera.  

“What’s going on with you?”  He said jokingly.  

“Why do you care?”  She replied.  Dez opened his mouth but, was interrupted.

“Ever since ‘They’ started dating, I’m just abandoned, Austin’s always with Ally, Ally with Austin.-” Dez Interrupted, “What about me?  I’m always here.”  Trish sighed, “But, you’re YOU.”  Dez smirked, “Well, you’re you!  And you don’t see me judging!”  Trish turned away.  “Thanks, I feel so much better now!”  she muttered.  “You’re welcome.” Dez simply said.  

“You are such an idiot.”

It was the next morning, Austin and Ally were out on a date, Dez was talking to the director, and Trish was all alone, eating ice cream, and listening to Adele songs.  Trish was lonely, upset, mad, she was happy for her friends, but at the same time, so jealous.  Right now she felt like she had nobody, but Dez, he didn’t count though, right?  Trish through her pillow at the radio shutting off the sad song playing, and slowly and painfully whimpered into her pillow.  

The door opened.

“Trish are you alright?”  she heard a sad voice say.  Ally?  No, this was a dude.  Austin? No. Dez? Sure enough.  She’d never heard him so upset, except that time when she ran into him at that chick flick premiere… what a weirdo.  “Trish?”  He repeated, shaking her, as if he was awaking her from rest.  “Go away.”  She moaned.  “No” He said stiffly.  “No.  I want to know what’s going on in your crazy little mind right now”  Trish looked up, “I said go away, rainbow pants.”  Dez sighed and left the room, “I’ll get Ally”  being the last thing he said.  

To be continued… Or re-written. (kind of rushed)

I’m dead inside.

   They keep playing the promo for girlfriends and girl-friends, and every time I see it I have a heart attack all over again.  I wish it was out right now!  O:

    I hate how I’ve wanted there to be a show where a guy and girl can just be friends, yet now that they made one, they made two characters that NEED to date >_<

 To be honest, every time there is a new episode of Austin and Ally I hope that it will effect the entire show, like Austin dating Ally >_<

I love their reactions :]

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Auslly on the Miami beach shore

Auslly on the Miami beach shore